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Readiness Assessment: Our Approach

DuckerFrontier, July 9, 2019

DuckerFrontier’s teams are committed to helping executives cut through the noise to find fact-based and innovative ways to grow their business. We combine our industry and market expertise with our proven methodologies to provide clients with the highest quality insights and intelligence they need to make strategic decisions in their most important markets.

Over the next several months, we will be sharing case studies on how we support clients. We help businesses to growth-oriented outcomes across different sectors and markets. The case studies will also cover our powerful approaches and methodologies. These cover market sizing and assessment, market/segment prioritization, channel capability assessment, go-to-market strategy, voice of the customer and more. Don’t miss our latest case studies on partner identification and selection in the medical devices space and global healthcare business unit prioritization.

This case study outlines DuckerFrontier’s approach to performing a readiness assessment for a new and innovative drug. The client anticipated successful completion of clinical trials of this drug, though it required advanced healthcare infrastructure capable of early detection and diagnosis of the disease. To assess whether the targeted healthcare system met these needs, the client required an in-depth analysis of the current and projected patient population and a comprehensive examination of local healthcare system infrastructure and capabilities to detect the specific disease in its early stages.

To learn more about DuckerFrontier’s approach, the results of the project, and an evaluation of regional access to disease testing, see the full case study below. Please contact a member of our healthcare team with any comments or questions.


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