Precise. Relevant. Essential.

At DuckerFrontier, everything we do is in service of our ultimate goal—providing clients with the high-quality insights they need to make the right decision at the right time. It’s a goal we’ve had as our north star for nearly 60 years.

For corporations making big bets—whether that’s launching a new product, entering a new market, buying or selling a business, or forming new partnerships—rigorous and timely advice is crucial. DuckerFrontier helps executives cut through the noise with analytics, data, and proprietary methodologies to find the smartest ways to grow their businesses.

Our mission is to support our clients’ growth mandates in their most important markets.


Building on a Legacy

William H. Ducker founded Ducker Worldwide in 1961 after years in management consulting. Long before industry reports could be found on the internet, Ducker Worldwide was committed to providing critical insights and knowledge to drive clients’ strategic decisions. It’s a legacy that Mr. Ducker passed on to all his employees, including his daughter Joanne, who took the helm in 1998.


Exploring New Frontiers

In 2007, Frontier Strategy Group (FSG) began partnering with multinational executives responsible for frontier markets. FSG was built on the realization that senior executives could find great value in cross-industry learning and best practices in developing markets. Within a few years, the company created a data and analytics infrastructure and expanded its team to add regular market monitoring of more than 80 markets to help executives connect macroeconomic developments to their strategies and business operations across the global portfolio.


Stronger Together

In early 2016, FSG completed a management buyout led by its CEO, Richard Leggett, and chief research officer, Joel Whitaker, together with the support of Boathouse Capital, a Philadelphia-based private equity firm. The investment accelerated FSG’s long-term growth strategy, enabling the company to acquire Ducker Worldwide in early 2018.

The acquisition brought together FSG’s global market coverage and Ducker’s unmatched industry expertise. The combined company offers expertise across 10 industry sectors and 80+ markets, expanded subject-matter expertise, global delivery reach, a robust cloud-based information services platform, and a range of tailored services for clients. Working across nine offices around the world, DuckerFrontier provides executives with a comprehensive set of solutions to address their global strategic priorities and growth mandates.

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The Future Is Bright

In an environment where global risks and uncertainties are increasing and companies need ever-more specific information about their industries and markets, DuckerFrontier is uniquely positioned to support our clients’ growth mandates and mission-critical workflows.

We are committed to continuously investing in our people, technology, information assets, and methodologies to ensure our innovative solutions and services evolve in anticipation of the changing needs of our clients.

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2016, 2017, 2018 Focus Economics Analyst Forecast Award Winner
  • Washington D.C. Best Places to Work – Washington Post
  • 2017 Moxy Award Winner for Professional Service Firms
  • US Department of Commerce Strategic Partner
  • NACD Partner