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Everything we do at DuckerFrontier is to help our clients achieve growth and mitigate risks to their business.
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Trusted Partner


“DuckerFrontier has consistently played a key role in supporting our annual and long-term strategic planning and ongoing market-monitoring activities.”


“DuckerFrontier’s frameworks and methodologies for pressure-testing assumptions, categorizing initiatives, and anticipating scenarios helped to ensure our long-range plan…will be resilient during a time of intense market volatility. The end result was one of the best plans we have ever done.”


“Their ongoing economic and geopolitical insights are greatly valued as a resource to keep us informed about the ever-changing set of conditions across our top markets.”


“DuckerFrontier was instrumental in advancing our strategic planning capabilities in Latin America.”


“DuckerFrontier’s innovative scenario and contingency planning approach, which combines qualitative analysis and quantitative analytics, enables our global team and local business units to consistently identify external events that could impact our business and then create action plans to mitigate risk and capture opportunity.”


“DuckerFrontier helps us to build compelling cases for [headquarters] and align our team around volatility across our region.”

Our Clients

Kind Words

Since becoming familiar with DuckerFrontier’s work and capabilities in the emerging-market area, I have been impressed and found a lot of value from partnering with them. The firm’s breadth of data, its accessibility and willingness to tailor the data or augment with more sources of data, as well as its easy-to-understand analytics and perspective, have made them my “go-to” resource for information on emerging markets.

We commissioned DuckerFrontier to conduct a market-sizing and opportunity assessment in Costa Rica and Panama to understand the potential for our key product lines. DuckerFrontier combined its macroeconomic and quantitative modeling expertise with custom, industry-specific analysis to deliver a high-quality and actionable report that informed our future investment decisions.

DuckerFrontier was a valuable partner for Afton as we redesigned our distribution model in the United States and Canada. They helped us identify potential candidates, design a robust RFP, and optimize the distributor relationship-management model that we will use going forward. The team’s guidance on the distributor scorecard specifically gives us confidence that we will have increased collaboration and accountability in our new partnership and will improve our customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency.

Over the years, DuckerFrontier has become a partner of choice for us when it comes to market and customer insights. Their true expertise, their dedication to their customers, the trustful relationship we have built with them since more than 20 years have largely contributed to the high-quality market intelligence we have. Whatever the project type—market sizing, customer satisfaction, customer journey, concept testing, idea generation—they have always been able to deliver insightful and actionable results, allowing our organization to take thoughtful decisions.