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Consumer-goods companies face a world in which their customers are increasingly globally connected and tastes travel at the speed of a viral video, but preferences, needs, and competitors are deeply local. At the same time, companies need to navigate ever-more complex and interconnected global markets where their supply chains, local partners, retailers, and operations face disruption, unpredictability, and macroeconomic pressures.

To thrive in this environment, you need to excel in both shaping and anticipating changing demand conditions and consumer tastes, needs, and purchasing power, but also place your bets on the right investment opportunities.

Who We Work With

DuckerFrontier serves a range of executives in the consumer goods sector, from consumer durables to fast-moving consumer goods to luxury goods.

What We Do

As consumers become more sophisticated, we help you become more sophisticated in how you think about them. DuckerFrontier works with clients on:

  • Understanding your customers

    Through primary research, proprietary datasets, and voice of customer studies, we can help you build a more nuanced understanding of your clients and how they perceive your brand, particularly relative to competitor brands and substitute products, and anticipate how they may be affected by macroeconomic pressures.

  • Optimizing your channel

    We empower you to identify the right local distributors and partners to work with, optimize your route to market—both online and offline—and anticipate local pressures that could disrupt or shift the performance of your local partners, distributors, and retailers across the entire customer chain.

  • Prioritizing and sizing the right opportunities

    We use proprietary methodologies and data to support geographic and customer segmentation, size your most promising market segments, model long-term demand, and provide local insights to help shape your expansion and localization strategies across markets globally.

  • Transforming your digital channel

    We’ve established a structured framework to help you evaluate decisions about your digital strategy and improve your customer engagement through demand generation, customer service, and customer insight.

Our Expertise by the Numbers

US$ 80 billion

Estimated value of India’s e-commerce industry by 2020

US$ 2.5 trillion

Estimated consumer spending opportunity in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2025

Almost 48%

of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to live in urban areas by 2020

55 million

The consumer size in the highly underpenetrated northeast of Brazil


Target workforce participation rate for women in Saudi Arabia by 2030


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