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Divide and conquer on the Continent

Europe is vastly diverse in terms of the opportunities, operating environments, and risk levels across its regions—from Western Europe’s large size, sophistication, and purchasing power to Central Europe’s expectations for relatively strong performance to the boost in growth in Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets.

It’s crucial to invest heavily and develop nuanced strategies and tactics for managing high-impact risks and capturing emerging growth pockets.

Who We Work With

DuckerFrontier serves a range of executives across Europe, from London to Moscow. Our clients are senior leaders and managers responsible for brand strategy, new product development, marketing, and more in Europe’s most important markets. They span the industrial, consumer goods, healthcare, and technology industries.

What We Do

In a region offering varying opportunities and returns on investment, we combine market monitoring with thought leadership to help Europe executives navigate the region’s toughest challenges:

  • Prioritizing markets

    We leverage subregional analysis and our proven methodologies to help you determine where to play, including opportunities in previously deprioritized regions such as southeastern Europe and the CIS markets.

  • Anticipating and planning for opportunities and risks

    By linking macroeconomic and political developments to the operating environment and demand patterns, we empower you to identify new opportunities and understand how disruptive events will affect your business and local partners.

  • Scenario planning for major events, such as Brexit

    Using our continuous market monitoring, live dashboard feeds, research, and client briefings, we help you understand how different scenarios and developments will impact businesses, consumers, and currency.

Our Expertise by the Numbers


consulting projects completed in the region since 2011

3.8% YOY

Forecasted GDP growth for the CIS region in 2022

The United Kingdom accounts for

10% of the GDP

of the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region


reports published annually


general elections in Western Europe in 2019 (at least)


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Director, Europe

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Senior Analyst, Europe

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Senior Analyst, Europe

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