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2020 Healthcare Outlook

DuckerFrontier, January 6, 2020

DuckerFrontier’s Healthcare practice leader and author of the 2020 Healthcare Outlook, Stephen Majors will be hosting a Masterclass on February 4th at Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC) in Newark, NJ. This Masterclass will be on The Growth of Value-Based Contracting and the Role of Market Research.  To register for the Masterclass and PMRC Conference visit, or email


Disruptions to the healthcare status quo will continue to amplify through the remainder of 2020. Relentless pricing pressure in developed markets and emerging market growth will cause pharma and biotech firms to reconsider their global footprint, while vertical integration leveraging technology and digital health will force established participants to provide value beyond their core therapeutic focus.

Healthcare Outlook for 2020

Shifting international footprints will require careful evaluation, sizing, and prioritization of markets – whether they be geographic markets, therapeutic areas, or payer and patient segments for pharma and biotech companies. In a value-centric environment, traditional healthcare firms will need to consider partnerships and M&A to develop competencies outside their core therapeutic focus. In the short video below, DuckerFrontier’s healthcare experts outline the key trends and business implications discussed in the 2020 Healthcare Outlook that executives in the pharma, biotech, payer and provider industries need to consider to remain ahead of the curve in 2020:

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*Editor’s note: This page was updated on January 6, 2020 to reflect current trends in the healthcare, pharma, and biotech industries.

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