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Asia Pacific in 2021: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

DuckerFrontier, June 23, 2020

Earlier this week, DuckerFrontier’s Asia Pacific research team hosted an interactive webinar on how Asia’s business environment will shift in the coming year. The webinar includes selected topics being raised in strategic planning sessions across industries (e.g., pressure to localize supply chains, the future of US-China tensions) so that you can pressure test your assumptions and use the information to align expectations across your organization.

COVID-19 will continue creating disruption over the next 12-18 months, though the shape of disruption will look different than it has over the last 6 months. Some countries will manage secondary outbreaks more effectively than others, and this will impact their economic prospects as well as their openness to business travel. Executives will have to cope with continued, dynamic limitations on business travel that will impact a variety of aspects of their jobs, from commercial activities to portfolio management. Companies will have to cope with continued supply chain disruptions, hitting at different times in different places. Those that have not yet done so should identify their greatest vulnerabilities and move to address them.

Watch the recording to learn more about what to expect in Asia Pacific in 2021, and how to prepare for an uncertain future.

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