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Channel and Value Chain Identification and Analysis Provide Valued Market Insights to Inform Strategic Business Decisions

DuckerFrontier, October 26, 2020

As the world changes, technologies improve and companies grow/expand, the need to understand the industry channel and specific market value chains are a necessity to becoming more in tune with current and future participants, customer needs, and key influencers in order to continuously drive strategic business success.

Increasing Industry Channel Connectivity – Identifying Where to Participate

As companies are working to further appreciate the industry and market they participate in, understanding the channel and value chain are often top priority, particularly as technology and trends shift as well as behavior. The drive to compete/win as well as determine the needs of the value chain in order to compete successfully are key to successful changes and implementation.

Outreach to various channel participants allows companies to make the right decisions on where to participate, how to impact the market positively, and continue to compete and grow. Remaining tuned into the market assists in:

  • Capturing trends and market needs in the early phase to anticipate technological shifts, reduce time-to-market, and keep a competitive edge
  • Understand and develop a competitive market view
  • Map the customer – supplier relationship and identify incumbent suppliers
  • Pricing and mark-up at each level of distribution
  • Identify opportunities (e.g., improved value propositions, unmet customer needs) and threats (e.g., new market entrants, competing technologies and materials)

Mapping Out the Market

Companies that are connected to their market and various participants within the channel become a stronger competitor and better equipped to make strategic business decisions. This is where DuckerFrontier and its industry knowledge and connections come in – with the ability to conduct research and deliver the insights, challenges and overall understanding of the various channel participants needs and overall experience. In the end, companies experience improvement in competitive position and market share gains with a robust understanding of how the value chain works and where to improve connections within channel.

  • Optimization of market impact with an existing portfolio, including where to expand (e.g., geography, product line) and how to touch new/additional customers
  • Identify key influencers within customer organizations and master decision-making processes
  • Customer satisfaction through the voice of the value chain, and including the end customer
  • Knowledge and analysis of competitor activities and strategic moves
  • Identify and evaluate strategic market decisions (e.g., technological shifts, product offering changes, acquisition/partnership opportunities)
  • Develop partnerships to leverage synergies and growth

Businesses Develop Strategies for Future Success

Extensive experience in direct outreach to various participants within a given market’s value chain has provided DuckerFrontier the ability to develop and utilize a robust, proprietary database of contacts that work for you. DuckerFrontier utilizes its business relationships, in-depth industry knowledge, and strategic consulting abilities to assist businesses in the move towards future strategy development and implementation. The first step is understanding your industry, the channel, what drives individuals towards new/updated projects, and who are the key influencers within the value chain making the final decisions.

DuckerFrontier’s team works with businesses from all industries to further understand and provide businesses with a valued source of customer insights and market intelligence. The learn more about your company’s industry channel and value chain and how these key components can help your business grow, contact us to connect with a team member.

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