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Channel Realignment | Case Study

DuckerFrontier, April 13, 2020

The Advisory team at DuckerFrontier is able to execute commercial diligence and market studies and pivot to your individual buy and sell side needs. Below you will find a recent case study outlining DuckerFrontier’s channel realignment capabilities.

Company Beta faced a major shift in operating procedures as Mexico changed its public healthcare tender policies; DuckerFrontier was able to rapidly inform Beta, triage the business model, and recommend a new strategic plan.



Company Beta, a multinational pharmaceutical company, was facing a major upheaval of standard business practice in Mexico as the public tender and procurement policies were drastically changed requiring Beta to re-evaluate its strategy in the country as well as find new channel/logistics partners.


DuckerFrontier leveraged its own internal strategic planning methodology to develop a four-phased approach:

  • Macroeconomic and Healthcare Briefing: Industry and Regional experts provided deep insights in a briefing of the changes made to the public tender system, probable deployment of the changes, and the impacts it will have on not only the supply chain but the industry as a whole. The DuckerFrontier team also interviewed several group leads within Company Beta to understand their requirements regarding partner capabilities expectations
  • Distributor Review and Channel Best Practices: A primary and secondary research effort to define the landscape of 3PLs and distributor service offerings, as well as MNC’s best practices throughout the public sector channel in order to provide critical recommendations for future channel partners
  • Voice of the Customer – Evaluate Public Sector Needs: Interviews with key government institutions to provide unique insights on what will drive future public procurement and how to win specific tenders under the new guidelines
  • Comprehensive Commercial Strategy Plan: recommendations for the public sector GTM strategy and key stakeholder alignment session

By conducting an in-depth analysis of public procurement policies, as well as speaking with industry participants and key policy leaders DuckerFrontier provided Beta with a ‘Best Practices Playbook’ for the new operating environment, recommended new strategic partnerships to provide integrated channel services based on changing needs posed, as well as identified pools of profitability throughout the value chain.

DuckerFrontier’s advisory team is committed to helping sponsors, advisors and executives gain a clear understanding of market dynamics across our core industries, which include over 250 annual engagements in automotive & transportation, heavy equipment, industrials, building & construction products and healthcare . We combine our industry and market expertise with proven methodologies, access to industry participants and expedited processes, to provide clients with the highest quality insights and intelligence they need to make strategic investment decisions in shifting market landscapes. Contact us here to connect with a team member.

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