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The “Dirt Report” – What the construction equipment market in North America can expect in 2019

DuckerFrontier, December 3, 2019

The construction equipment market is in a boom period, spurring a lot of exciting change. That excitement was on display when the industry came together at several trade shows in early 2019. DuckerFrontier representatives spent time at World of Concrete, World of Asphalt, and the National Farm Machinery Show in the first quarter of the year.

Our conversations with industry experts covered new technologies, drivers of rapid revenue growth, and ways to strengthen dealer networks. Equipment manufacturers’ focus has clearly returned to the North American market. Thus, we expect that 2019 will provide solid revenue growth, both for players who have historically focused on this market and for some who are new to the arena.

The Dirt Report: What the construction equipment market in North America can expect in 2019

DuckerFrontier constantly monitors heavy equipment industry activity through conversations with industry experts, equipment manufacturers, dealers, and end users. If you find that you have information gaps that are slowing your decision making in this market, we can help. Our experienced team will partner with and act as an extension of your team to provide the answers you need.

This report serves as a summary of the heavy construction equipment market in North America, exploring demand challenges, advanced technology implementation, alternative routes to market.

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