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ETHIOPIA: DuckerFrontier’s political risk analysis featured in Bloomberg

William Attwell, November 26, 2019

Practice Leader for DuckerFrontier’s Sub-Saharan Africa research practice, William Attwell, was recently interviewed for Bloomberg’s Next Africa business publication. He assessed the challenges facing Ethiopia’s Prime Minister in the run up to the 2020 general election, noting the country’s increasing political fragmentation and business risks caused by rising unrest.

Screenshot of Bloomberg article, Next Africa: Ethiopia's Experiment in Democracy

Yet these downside developments do not tell the whole story. For companies with appropriate risk mitigation strategies in place, Ethiopia features ample opportunities to drive sales:

  • GDP growth is among the strongest globally, with 7.4% YOY forecast for 2020.
  • B2B demand is rising, especially in the market’s newly-liberalizing industries such as telecommunications and the burgeoning manufacturing sector.
  • Featuring SSA’s fourth-largest consumers class, Ethiopia offers consumer goods companies considerable scope to build scale.

Capitalizing on these opportunities requires company executives to develop tailored Ethiopia strategies, including measures to manage FX scarcity and competition from China.

Read more insights from William in Bloomberg’s Next Africa here. Looking for more tailored insights on how you can win in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020? Contact our team today.

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