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Global Outlook for 2020

DuckerFrontier, September 25, 2019

After the last few years, multinationals are no strangers to volatility in global markets. Just this week, the headlines have been turbulent—between tensions in the Persian Gulf, upheaval in UK politics over Brexit, and the start of an impeachment inquiry against US President Donald Trump, uncertainty abounds as we head into Q4 2019.

Should multinationals expect more of the same in 2020?

The outlook for 2020

Every year, DuckerFrontier’s Global Economics and Scenarios team puts together an outlook for the global economy to help executives plan for the coming year. Here’s what they’re predicting for 2020:

While many of the disruptors and uncertainties that have characterized 2019 will continue into next year, the global economy will also start to stabilize. There will be pockets of opportunity, notably around:

  • A rebound in key emerging markets
  • Stable consumer spending
  • Stabilizing world trade

But executives should also be looking ahead to the expected recovery of growth in 2021. A stabilizing global economy in 2020 will pave the way for a manufacturing and demand rebound the following year, so executives should use 2020 to prepare their plans for growth.

The Global Outlook can help you identify the opportunities to win in 2020 and arm you with the insights and best practices to prepare your company for 2021. To learn more, download the Global Outlook Executive Summary.

The Global Outlook is the first in our series of 2020 outlooks. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing more from the Global Outlook as well as insights from our Regional Outlooks to help you and your regional teams with your strategic planning for next year.

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