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Infographic: “Level up” on customer centricity

DuckerFrontier, September 5, 2019

As businesses embark on strategic planning for 2020, executives are thinking about their priorities for next year. For B2B companies, committing to customer centricity can be a game changer in terms of increased profitability and customer loyalty.

In a previous post, we covered the five activities necessary to build a customer-centric organization. But every company is at a different level of customer-centricity readiness. Even with in a single company, different teams may be at different points.

Our research on customer centricity identified four distinct levels of readiness—or archetypes—of customer centricity. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the characteristics of each readiness level as well as suggested actions to “level up” your business’s customer centricity.

Level up on customer centricity


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