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Watch: What Healthcare Companies Need to Know About Digital Solutions

DuckerFrontier, August 14, 2019

Aging populations. Rapid shifts through disease states. Slowing global growth. All of these are putting increased pricing pressure on payers—and therefore on healthcare companies.

Increasingly, healthcare executives are turning to new digital healthcare solutions to bring more value to their customers, reduce costs, and better differentiate their companies. In this video, DuckerFrontier Healthcare Director Stephen Majors and Practice Leader Alec Lee dive into what digital solutions are and how companies can leverage them to drive more value.

What opportunities do digital solutions open for your company? Our report Digital Healthcare Solutions is designed to help you identify the biggest opportunities and prepare for the challenges associated with them by:

  • Comparing the digital healthcare solutions on the market today across five categories: data collection, data management, data analytics, connectivity, and processes
  • Examining challenges in implementing digital healthcare solutions
  • Looking at emerging and future digital solutions and the likely challenges that will accompany them

Download the full report to learn more:

We can help you adapt your digital solutions to the local context in your most critical markets and prioritize your best opportunities for digital-led growth. Contact us to grow your business

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