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[Webinar Recap] 2020 Events to Watch

DuckerFrontier, November 6, 2019

Last week, DuckerFrontier held a webinar to discuss our 2020 Events to Watch and what executives can expect next year. This is the fifth and final webinar in our Executive Webinar Series. You can click here to view the recording for our first webinar, which was centered on Understanding the US-China Trade War. You can click here to view the recording for our second webinar, which covered The World Economy in 2020: Assumptions for Strategic Planning. You can click here to view the recording for our third webinar, focused on Scaling Digital Strategies Internationally. Lastly, you can click here to view the recording for our fourth webinar, on our 2020 Global Outlook.

During this webinar, our Global Economics and Scenarios team addresses the global upside and downside risks for multinationals in 2020 as explored in our Events to Watch for 2020 report. Multinational executives will learn the signposts to monitor throughout 2020 and how they will impact business. Some of the major events to watch include tension escalation between the US and its major trade partners and China loses control.

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