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To get ahead, expect the unexpected

Executives in Latin America (LATAM) are no strangers to volatility. Companies are ready to tap into the region’s upside potential, but it’s critical to always be prepared for the next surprise. While LATAM offers opportunities, executives are facing more aggressive targets amid increasing competition, slowing market growth, and increased global risk perceptions.

In this environment, high-quality market intelligence and a sound strategy about where to play, how to play, and how to win can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Who We Work With

DuckerFrontier serves a range of executives across Latin America, from São Paulo to Mexico City to Miami. Our clients are senior leaders and managers operating in LATAM’s key markets, responsible for brand strategy, new product development, marketing, and more. They span the industrial, consumer goods, healthcare, and technology industries.

What We Do

DuckerFrontier combines market intelligence, strategic planning, and support and strategies for execution to help you navigate the toughest challenges in the region:

  • Delivering on more aggressive targets in a slowing environment

    Leveraging our market prioritization methodology, market monitoring, and best-practice research, we help you target the right customers with the right value proposition and ensure that your organization is set up to enable growth.

  • Managing persisting risk and volatility

    We provide outlooks for key markets, regular conversations with analysts about how fast-moving events will impact the business environment, and living dashboards with continuously updated information to help you navigate key economic and political events.

  • Attracting corporate resources amid higher global risk perceptions

    Our proven methodologies and expert analysis enable you to ensure an attractive return on LATAM investments, demonstrate business fit, and increase the resilience of your business plans against market shock.

Our Expertise by the Numbers


of LATAM clients surveyed view Mexico as their top LATAM market for investment in the next five years


consulting projects completed in the region since 2011


of LATAM clients surveyed plan to make a change to their organizational footprint in the region during the next 18 months


research deliveries to clients annually


reports published annually


Pablo Gonzalez Alonso

Managing Director, Latin America

Alec Lee
Alec Lee

Director, Healthcare

Alejandro Valerio

Senior Analyst, Latin America

Alex Schober

Senior Analyst, Latin America

Ramiro Sugranes

Senior Analyst, Latin America

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