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Building a Customer-Centric B2B Company

Grace Fuselier, November 8, 2019

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A comprehensive overview of how to practice customer centricity in a global organization. You will learn the importance of customer centricity, DuckerFrontier’s strategic framework for customer centricity, and four archetypes to build a customer-centric B2B organization.

Overview, Table of Contents & Sample Pages below


Intensifying competitive pressures, limited product differentiation, and increasing customer expectations are forcing B2B companies to re-evaluate their strategies. Companies are increasingly looking to build a customer-centric organization as they manage the threat of commoditization. A focus on customer centricity has tangible commercial benefits through deeper customer engagement and loyalty, increased share of wallet, lower costs to serve, and overall higher margins. However, building a global customer-centric company can be a complex task that requires managing multiple stakeholders, competing priorities, and organizational barriers. With this in mind, DuckerFrontier developed the 5 A’s framework, along with actions and case studies, to provide senior executives with a structured process, best practices, and practical recommendations as they implement customer centricity.

What you will learn

  • DuckerFrontier’s strategic framework for customer centricity
  • Archetypes to build a customer-centric B2B organization
  • Actions for B2B companies to take to win as a customer-centric business

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 88-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary4
  •   About This Report5
  •   How to Use This Report6
  • The Importance of Customer Centricity7
  •   What is Customer Centricity?8
  •   Understanding the Concept of Customer Centricity9
  •   Customer Centricity Yields Significant Returns10-11
  •   There is an Urgent Need to be Customer Centric12
  •   Challenges in Building a Customer-Centric Company13
  •   B2B Companies Face Unique Challenges to Transitioning14
  •   Customer Centricity is Diluted in Global Organizations15
  • DuckerFrontier’s Strategic Framework for Customer Centricity16
  •   The Five A’s Strategic Framework17
  •   The Five A’s Strategic Framework: Awareness18-19
  •   Awareness: Diagnostic for Evaluation20-23
  •   The Five A’s Strategic Framework: Analysis24-25
  •   Collecting Insight From the Right Sources is Critical26
  •   Analysis Example: A Voice of Customer Project27
  •   Analysis Example: B2B Communities28
  •   The Five A’s Strategic Framework: Alignment29-31
  •   The Five A’s Strategic Framework: Accountability32-34
  •   The Five A’s Strategic Framework: Action35-36
  • Archetypes and Actions to Build a Customer-Centric B2B Organization37
  •   Archetypes of B2B Customer-Centric Organizations38-40
  •   Archetype 1: Limited Customer Centricity41
  •   Action 1: Communicate the Importance of Customers42
  •   Case Study: Company Delta43
  •   Action 2: Equip Employees With the Customer Perspective44
  •   Case Study: Company Epsilon45
  •   Action 3: Recognize Customer-Centric Behavior46
  •   Four Archetypes of Customer-Centric Organizations47
  •   Archetype 2: Marketing-Led Customer Centricity48
  •   Action 1: Capitalize on Digital Tools to Stay Engaged49
  •   Case Study: Company Zeta50
  •   Action 2: Integrate Insights Into Internal Processes51
  •   Action 3: Adjust the Global Customer Journey52
  •   Case Study: Company Eta53
  •   Action 4: Build B2B Customer Personas54
  •   Four Archetypes of Customer-Centric Organizations55
  •   Archetype 3: Customer-Facing Activities-Led Approach56
  •   Action 1: Create Segments to Enable Sales Effectiveness57
  •   Case Study: Company Theta58
  •   Action 2: Adopt a Consultative Mindset59
  •   Case Study: Company Iota60
  •   Action 3: Focus on Problem Handling and Resolution61
  •   Action 4: Monitor the Right Performance Metrics62
  •   Case Study: Company Kappa63
  •   Action 5: Engage Non-Customer-Facing Functions64
  •   Case Study: Company Lambda65
  •   Four Archetypes of Customer-Centric Organizations66
  •   Archetype 4: Customer Experience Teams67
  •   Action 1: Undertake a Voice of Employee Exercise68
  •   Action 2: Build and Develop Customer-Centric Capabilities69
  •   Case Study: Company Nu70
  •   Action 3: Create Customer-Centric Employee Goals71
  • The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Organization72
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company73
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #174
  •   Senior Executive Support: Case Study – Xi (1/2)75
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #276
  •   Dedicated CX Leadership Team: Case Study – Xi (2/2)77
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #378
  •   Empowered CX Team: Case Study – Omicron (1/3)79
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #480
  •   Deep Understanding of Customer: Case Study – Omicron (2/3)81
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #582
  •   Engaged Employees: Case Study – Omicron (3/3)83
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #684
  •   Rewards and Recognition: Case Study – Pi (1/2)85
  •   The Hallmarks of a Customer-Centric B2B Company: #786
  •   Monitoring Progress: Case Study – Pi (2/2)87
  • About DuckerFrontier88

Sample Pages

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