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Building Profitable Scale in Sub-Saharan Africa

Joel Backaler, January 26, 2018

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A comprehensive overview of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Learn about the short- and long-term outlook for SSA, the 6 drivers of regional performance, as well as scenarios and disruptors to prepare for.

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A combination of slower economic growth and still-low purchasing power in Sub-Saharan Africa has resulted in many multinational companies (MNCs) seeing disappointing results in the region even as expectations remain high. While external conditions are partly to blame, multinationals’ strategies are poorly adapted to a slower-growth environment.

To accelerate growth and take advantage of the demand created by SSA’s consumers for consumer goods, healthcare, and some B2B products, MNCs need to pressure-test their existing strategies and fix inefficiencies that hinder competitiveness.

For companies whose strategies in SSA are about creating profitable scale, getting their value proposition and route to market right are essential for realizing the market’s vast potential. This report identifies which operational aspects are essential for creating sustainable profitable scale in Sub-Saharan Africa and offers case studies of companies that have successfully done so

What you will learn

  • Why have companies struggled to realize opportunities in the region
  • What key factors do businesses need to get right in the region
  • How have companies built winning strategies for the Sub-Saharan African region

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 64-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary4
  • About This Report5
  • How To Use This Report6
  • Who This Report Is For7
  • MNCS Have Struggled, But Opportunities Remain Abundant8
  •   Reality Has Fallen Short of Expectations9
  •   Consumer Potential Remains Large10
  •   Who Did Some Companies Really Struggle?11
  •   Many Succeed in Difficult Conditions12-13
  • Five Inhibitors Behind Strategy Weakness14
  •   Why is the Opportunity Hard to Reach?15
  •   Overall Lower Purchasing Power16
  •   Lack of Consumer Insight17
  •   Underinvestment18
  •   Difficult and Costly Operating Environment19-20
  •   Slower Growth21
  •   Strategy Weak Points Caused By Inhibitors22
  • What MNCS Need to Get Right23
  •   Keys to Building Profitable Scale in SSA24
  •   What Happens When Companies Get It Wrong25
  •   Putting the Freamework to Practice26
  •   Agility is the “Make or Break“ to Success27
  •   Scaling With Minimal Resources28
  • Case Studies29
  •   Case Study Overview30
  •   Value-for-Money: Getting It Right31-32
  •   Company Alpha33
  •   Company Beta34
  •   Black Rock35
  •   Company Gamma36
  •   Company Delta37
  •   Company Epsilon38-39
  •   Company Zeta40
  •   Company Eta41
  •   Product Availability42-43
  •   Danone44-46
  •   Company Theta47
  •   Companies Iota and Kappa48-49
  •   Company Lambda50
  •   Company Mu51-52
  •   Agility53-54
  •   Tolaram55-56
  •   Company Nu57-58
  •   Company Xi59
  •   Company Omicron60
  •   Company Pi61-63
  • About DuckerFrontier64

Sample Pages

ASEAN Exec Summary

Agility Make or Break Success

Company Case Study

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