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Capturing Sub-Saharan Africa’s Consumer Class

Joel Backaler, July 10, 2017

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A deep-dive analysis of the Sub-Saharan African consumer opportunity. This report separates fact from fiction, featuring in-depth on the ground research that sheds light on the true potential of SSA’s consumer market.

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Companies across all sectors have invested in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) based on strong population and consumer spending growth. And while SSA’s consumer market presents considerable opportunities for MNCs across sectors, the analysis to date has been clouded by misunderstandings—of the true drivers of consumer-class growth, how these impact different markets and segments, and how the consumer space will develop going forward—leading to sub-optimal strategy setting.

This report overturns commonly held assumptions by building a picture of SSA consumers from the ground up. It provides a qualitative assessment on who the SSA consumers are and what affects their behavior, while quantitative analysis offers more realistic numbers for consumer-class size and growth potential. In combination, these insights allow MNCs to set more realistic targets and devise better strategies to reach consumers.

What you will learn

  • What is the true potential of the Sub-Saharan Africa consumer market
  • Which markets represent the greatest consumer opportunity for business
  • Understand how companies can capture growth and set realistic targets

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 66-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary2
  • About This Report3-5
  • Table of Contents6
  • Reassessing Sub-Saharan Africa’s Consumers7
  •   SSA Demographics Attracted Multinationals8
  •   Middle-Class Narrative Fueled the Hype9
  •   Reality Has Been More Sobering10
  •   Middle-Class Definitions Misleading11
  •   Economic Chalenges Add to Complexity12
  •   SSA Consumer Potential Remains Large13
  •   It’s Time to Reassess SSA Consumers14
  •   Consumers are More Than Survival “Plus”15
  • Understanding SSA Consumer Dynamics16
  •   SSA Consumers Have Unique Characteristics17
  •   Myth 1: Rising Professionals Drive Growth 18
  •   Fact: Few People Have Formal Jobs19
  •   Fact: State Underpins Lucrative Salaries20
  •   Fact: Households Depend on Hybrid Incomes21
  •   Fact: Income Sources Take Many Forms22
  •   Myth 2: Conspicious Consumption is Valued23
  •   Fact: Consumers are Financially Savvy24
  •   Fact: Consumers Allocate Funds Carefully25
  •   Fact: They Buy High-Cost Items With Caution26
  •   Myth 3: Consumerism is About Individuals27
  •   Fact: Many Earners Support a Household28-29
  •   Fact: Wealthier Individuals Support Many30
  •   Fact: Social Links Shape Spending Power31
  •   Myth 4: Consumers Will Become Westernized32
  •   Fact: Unique SSA Reality Shapes Behavior33-34
  •   Fact: Culture Heavily Influences Priorities35
  •   Fact: Africans Themselves Adapt Products36
  •   Fact: Global Awareness is Widespread37
  •   Future Trends Do Not Point to “Revolution”38
  • Economy Type Defines Consumer Dynamics39
  •   Market Types Shape Consumer Spending40
  •   Spending Power Flutuates41
  •   Diversified Markets Offer Secure Incomes42
  •   Semi-Diversified Markets See More Flux43
  •   Commodity Exporters Follow Global Prices44
  •   Weather Shapes Agricultural Economies45
  •   Aid-Dependent Economies Will Struggle46
  • Sizing SSA’s Consumer Class47-48
  •   Niche Segmentation Requires Broad Context49
  •   Consumer-Class Size Tells a Different Story50
  •   Size and Percentage Matter51
  •   Spending Power Varies Widely52
  • Assessing Market Conditions for Consumers53-56
  • Forecasting Consumer Class Growth57-61
  • Set More Realistic Targets62-64
  • About DuckerFrontier65-66

Sample Pages

SSA Consumer Potential Remains Large

SSA Consumers Have Unique Characteristics

Market Types Shape Consumer Spending

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