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Caribbean Market Spotlight

Grace Fuselier, July 24, 2019

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A market snapshot of the current business environment in the Caribbean. Learn about the top 3 trends impacting multinational companies in the Caribbean, what potential risks lie ahead, and how companies across industries can take action.

Overview, Table of Contents & Sample Pages below


Growth will accelerate marginally in the Caribbean region amid still-favorable, but slower, global growth and ongoing recoveries in hurricane-stricken and commodity-exporting economies. Normalizing tourism flows will support growth, as the all-important sector’s carrying capacity has been largely re-established in major destinations.

Meanwhile, foreign investment is expected to remain steady amid numerous government initiatives, greater construction activity, new energy projects, and developments in the region’s tourism sector, which will surface business opportunities for MNCs in 2019. However, a slowing growth outlook for the key US economy will limit the upside for major external tailwinds. MNCs will continue to face hurdles when doing business in the region – challenging operating environments, structural problems, and economic vulnerabilities will continue to restrain growth from reaching high levels across many markets.

What you will learn

  • Key trends to watch in the region through 2019
  • Downside, base case, and upside scenarios of the region’s economy
  • Actions that your business can take to stay ahead of the curve

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 52-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Caribbean Overview4
  •   Macroeconomic Snapshot 5
  •   Market Sentiment6
  •   Business Environment7
  • Key Regional Trends8
  •   Market Resilience Matrix9
  •   Historic Exposure to Significant Hurricanes10
  •   Driver #1: Stabilizing Tourism Flows11
  •   Driver #2: Modest Commodity Prices12
  •   Driver #3: Structural Challenges13
  •   Short- to Medium-Term Scenarios14
  • Country Overviews15
  • Puerto Rico16-19
  •   Puerto Rico: Market Update17
  •   Puerto Rico: Macroeconomic Outlook18
  •   Puerto Rico: Business Implications19
  • Dominican Republic20-23
  •   Dominican Republic: Market Update21
  •   Dominican Rep: Macroeconomic Outlook22
  •   Dominican Republic: Business Implications23
  • Cuba24-27
  •   Cuba: Market Update25
  •   Cuba: Macroeconomic Outlook26
  •   Cuba: Business Implications27
  • Trinidad and Tobago28-31
  •   Trinidad: Market Update29
  •   Trinidad: Macroeconomic Outlook30
  •   Trinidad: Business Implications31
  • Jamaica32-35
  •   Jamaica: Market Update33
  •   Jamaica: Macroeconomic Outlook34
  •   Jamaica: Business Implications35
  • Bahamas36-39
  •   Bahamas: Market Update37
  •   Bahamas: Macroeconomic Outlook38
  •   Bahamas: Business Implications39
  • Tier 2 Markets40-51
  •   Tier 2 Caribbean Markets: Major Indicators41
  •   Antigua and Barbuda42
  •   Barbados43
  •   Dominica44
  •   Grenada45
  •   Guyana46
  •   Haiti47
  •   St. Kitts and Nevis48
  •   St. Lucia49
  •   St. Vincent and The Grenadines50
  •   Suriname52
  • About DuckerFrontier53

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