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Central Europe 2020 Outlook

Grace Fuselier, November 14, 2019

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A regional outlook for Central Europe through 2020. Learn about the top trends impacting multinational companies in CE, what potential risks lie ahead, and how companies across industries can take action.

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Growth in 2019 surprised on the upside for many Central European markets (including countries in both Central and southeastern Europe), but softer external demand, tight labor markets, and a decline in private investment growth will lead to a notably softer economic expansion in 2020. Slower growth in the eurozone will lead to a fall in industrial production growth and fewer B2B business opportunities in the region. Domestic consumption, however, will remain resilient on the back of robust real wage growth, and the beginning of a new election cycle across the region will ensure that fiscal policy remains supportive of growing consumer demand. EU funding inflows and public investments will also continue to have a positive spillover effect on demand. Risks will remain few and mostly market specific, but further deterioration of the global trade environment will weigh on the outlook throughout 2020.

What you will learn

  • What are the key trends businesses need to prepare for
  • How to defend against major shifts in the global economic environment
  • Understand how companies across the region can take action now

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 37-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • Central Europe Overview4
  •   Our View on Central Europe5
  •   Central Europe in Your Portfolio6
  •   Central Europe Slows, But Growth is Resilient7
  •   V4 and the Real Cost of Populism8
  •   Elections to Monitor9
  •   Exchange Rates10
  •   Priority Actions for 202011
  • Drivers12
  •   Driver #1: The Eurozone Slowdown13
  •   Driver #2: Consumer Demand14
  •   Driver #3: Credit Growth Will Slow15
  •   Driver #4: EU Funding Will Support Investments16
  •   Driver #5: Manufacturing Growth Will Remain Soft17
  •   Driver #6: Government Spending and Fiscal Policy18-19
  • Industries Outlook20
  •   Consumer Goods21
  •   Healthcare22
  •   Industry23
  •   Technology24
  •   Operational Challenges25
  • Country Outlooks26
  •   2020 Poland Outlook27
  •   2020 Hungary Outlook28
  •   2020 Romania Outlook29
  •   2020 Czech Republic Outlook30
  •   2020 Slovakia Outlook31
  •   2020 Serbia Outlook32
  •   2020 Croatia Outlook33
  •   2020 Lithuania Outlook34
  •   2020 Bulgaria Outlook35
  •   2020 Turkey Outlook36
  • About DuckerFrontier37

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