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How to Build Your Brexit Plan

Joel Backaler, September 10, 2018

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A comprehensive overview of how to prepare for Brexit. Understand your exposure and learn DuckerFrontier’s 6-step planning process to ensure your business is ready.

Overview, Table of Contents & Sample Pages below


Brexit will disrupt business as usual in the UK, as well as multinationals’ planning in such a critical market in their global portfolios. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), healthcare & life sciences, chemicals, industrial manufacturers, and technology MNCs are all exposed to Brexit and its ramifications in various ways.

Building a Brexit plan that helps them address these challenges doesn’t require huge teams or significant resource allocation, however. To make preparing for Brexit less daunting, multinationals should follow a structured process and select the most essential steps.

This report recommends simple, actionable steps companies can take to prepare for Brexit and build Brexit plans quickly and efficiently, even if resources are limited.

What you will learn

  • Detailed 6-step process to build your Brexit plan
  • Implications for multinationals – understand your exposure
  • An actionable Brexit planning template to use right away

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 65-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases


Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary4
  • About This Report5
  • Brexit: Why it Makes Sense to Plan6
  • What UK GMs are Saying7
  • The Business Case for Contingency Plans8
  • Brexit Plan Basics9
  •   Brexit Plan Basics10
  •   Brexit Plan: Introduction11
  •   Evaluate Your Value Proposition12
  •   Think of Your Competitors’ Strategies13
  •   Recommended Brexit Planning Process 14-15
  • Step 1: Understand Your Exposure16
  •   Key Areas of Exposure17
  •   Checklist: FMCG/Consumer18
  •   Checklist: Helthcare & Life19
  •   Checklist: Chemicals20
  •   Checklist: Industrial Manufacturers21
  •   Checklist: Technology22
  • Step 2: Create a Brexit team23
  •   The Brexit Team: Participants 24
  •   Getting Everyone to Build the Brexit Plan25
  •   Brexit Team: Communicating With HQ26
  • Step 3: Work With Scenarios27
  •   Brexit Scenarios Overview28
  •   Plan With Scenarios29
  •   Recommended Brexit Scenarios30
  • Step 4: Assess Brexit’s Impact on Your Business31
  •   Brexit Exposure by Industry32
  •   Brexit Implications Across Sectors33-34
  •   Besides Risks, Focus on Opportunities35
  •   FMCG/Consumer Goods – Negative Impacts36
  •   FMCG/Consumer Goods – Opportunities37
  •   FMCG/consumer Goods – Actions 38
  •   Helthcare & Life Sciences– Negative Impacts39
  •   Helthcare & Life Sciences– Opportunities40
  •   Helthcare & Life Sciences– Actions41
  •   Chemicals – Negative Impacts42
  •   Chemicals – Opportunities43
  •   Chemicals – Actions44
  •   Industrial Manufacturers – Negative Impacts45
  •   Industrial Manufacturers – Opportunities46
  •   Industrial Manufacturers – Actions47
  •   Technology – Negative Impacts48
  •   Technology – Opportunities49
  •   Technology – Actions50
  • Step 5: Model Demand and Costs Based on Brexit51
  •   Model FutureDemand In Light of Brexit52
  • Step 6: Monitor Regularly53
  •   Monitor Regularly54
  •   Actions to Take55
  •   Sources56
  • Appendix: Brexit Plan Template57
  •   Brexit Plan: Pricing & Business Strategy58
  •   Brexit Plan: Trade Terms59
  •   Brexit Plan: Movement of Goods60
  •   Brexit Plan: Regulation61
  •   Brexit Plan: Supply Chain62
  •   Brexit Plan: Talent63
  •   Brexit Plan: Demand Dynamics64
  • About DuckerFrontier65

Sample Pages

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