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Latin America Monthly Monitor (Subscription)

Joel Backaler, October 30, 2017

$ 2,004.00

Inform adjustments to your plans as market fundamentals change. Receive annual access (12 reports) to our flagship monthly monitor report series for Latin America. Stay ahead of key market and business trends with this timely, actionable report series.

Overview, Table of Contents & Sample Pages below


The Central America and Caribbean (CAMCAR) region is expected to outpace Latin America’s overall growth in the short-to-medium term, boosting the attractiveness of the sub-region and increasing investment flows.

However, given the sub-region’s complex operating environment and country-specific dynamics, multinationals will need to continue to monitor distributor strengths and weaknesses and understand the rules of the business environment to optimize gains.

Businesses will also need to prepare for potential shifts in power dynamics with on-the-ground partners in the medium-to-long term.

What you will learn

  • What is the optimal distribution structure for CAMCAR
  • How can companies maximize local partner performance
  • Learn about the key elements of a CAMCAR distribution strategy

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 59-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  • MNCs are Dependent on Distributors4
  • Distributor Sophistication is Key5
  • Analytical Framework6
  • Business Environment7
  •   Analytical Framework8
  •   Market Size and Conditions Limit Options9
  •   Business Environment: Demographics10
  •   Business Environment: Geography11-12
  •   Business Environment: Econ. Fundamentals13
  •   Business Environment: Infrastructure14
  •   Business Environment: Logistics15-16
  •   Business Environment: Informality17
  •   Business Environment: Local Culture18
  •   Business Environment: Corruption19
  •   Business Environment: Talent20
  •   Business Environment: Security21
  •   Business Environment: Tax Environment22
  •   Business Environment: Legal Framework23
  •   Business Environment: Alternative Partners24
  •   Most Common Footprint in the Sub-Region25
  • Partner Capabilities26
  •   Analytical Framework27
  •   Partner Capabilities: Market Reach28
  •   Ambition to Expand Business29
  •   Financial and Operational Stability30
  •   Partner Capabilities: Compliance31
  •   Partner Capabilities: Information Sharing32
  • Customer Service33
  •   Partner Capabilities: Sales Fundamentals34
  •   Logistics & Operational Efficiency35
  •   Partner Capabilities: Value-added Services36
  • The Future of CAMCAR’s Distribution Landscape37
  •   Bargaining Power Favors Distributors38
  •   Future of Distribution Landscape39
  •   US Growth Will Drive CAMCAR Attractiveness40
  •   Investment Will Empower Distributors41
  •   Cuba Could Offer Growth in the Long Term42
  •   Engaging Cuban Distributors Will Be Key43
  •   Puerto Rico’s Addressable Market May Grow 44
  •   Puerto Rican Partners Will Be in Demad45
  • Improving Your Channel Performance46
  •   Distributor Capabilities Framework47
  •   Framework Components48
  •   Channel Capabilities Drive Performance49
  •   1. Consistent Process50
  •   2. Channel Manager51-52
  •   3. Capability Monitoring53-54
  •   4. Capability Training55-57
  •   5. Status-Based Incentives58
  • About DuckerFrontier59

Sample Pages

MMM Latam Overview

Regional LATAM mmm update


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