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Managing the US-China Trade War

Grace Fuselier, August 5, 2019

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A comprehensive overview of how to prepare your business for persistent trade tensions between the United States and China. You will learn the fundamental drivers of US-China trade tensions, the macroeconomic impact of a US-China trade war, and potential US-China trade scenarios.

Overview, Table of Contents & Sample Pages below

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Trade-driven conflict between the United States and China has escalated significantly over the last year as the Trump administration seeks a fundamental revision to trade relations and Chinese industrial policy. This has created an environment of mounting uncertainty for multinationals; prospects for tariff measures and commiserate tariff and non-tariff retaliatory measures endanger global supply chains and market access in China and beyond. This report will discuss the drivers underlying both US and Chinese actions in a global context, scenarios for future trade relations, key signposts to track, impact assessment for multinationals, and actions to take to protect global businesses in times of disruption and uncertainty.

What you will learn

  • Macroeconomic impact of a US-China trade war
  • US-China Trade War Scenarios
  • Actions for multinationals to take to stay ahead of trade volatility

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 56-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary4
  • Fundamental Drivers of US-China Trade Tensions5-19
  •   Trade Measures Fit in Trump’s Agenda6
  •   Trump Administration’s Strategic Posture7
  •   US Trade Tensions Across the World8
  •   Trump Trade Tactics9
  •   US-China Trade in Context10
  •   Trade War: Tariff Measures to Date11
  •   Still Room for More Tariffs12
  •   Trade Demands are Difficult to Reconcile13
  •   US Domestic Political Dynamics14
  •   The Chinese Government’s Strategic Vision15
  •   Chinese Domestic Political Dynamics16
  •   China’s Response17-19
  • Macroeconomic Impact of a US-China Trade War20
  •   US-China Trade War Won’t Drive Recession21
  •   Macroeconomic Impact So Far22-23
  •   Global Spillover Effects Will Be Mixed24
  •   US-China Trade Wars Increase Global Risks25
  • US-China Trade War Scenarios26-37
  •   Stop-Start Dynamic to Trade War27
  •   Scenarios for the US’ Trade War Strategy28
  •   Scenarios for China’s Response Strategy29
  •   US-China Conflict Scenarios30
  •   Tariff-Based Escalation31
  •   China Manages US Containment32
  •   China Manages Global Pressure33
  •   China Loses Patience34
  •   Scenario Cheat Sheet35
  •   Global Exposure to a Chinese Slowdown36
  •   Global Exposure to a US Slowdown37
  • Best Practices for Multinational Executives38-55
  •   Planning for a Long-Term Standoff39
  •   MNCs Will Need to Respond Proactively40
  •   Business Impact of Trade Wars41
  •   How to Plan for a US-China Trade War42
  •   Consider Supply Chain Impact and Response43
  •   Develop a Localization Strategy44
  •   Review Future Localization Dynamics45
  •   Pressure-Test Your Market Portfolio46
  •   Improve Alignment and Resilience47
  •   Scenario Analysis Makes Sense of Many Risks48
  •   Leverage Contingency Planning49
  •   Contingency Planning Process50
  •   Review Your Customer Segmentation51
  •   Actively Explore Adjacent Market Spaces52
  •   Build More Flexibility Into Pricing53
  •   FX Management Should Be a 2019 Priority54
  •   Strengthen Government Engagement55
  • About DuckerFrontier56

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