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Russia 2023: Outlook & Scenarios

Joel Backaler, June 19, 2018

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Companies need to develop a consistent, realistic internal view of the Russian market’s risks and opportunities to plan effectively for the next five years. This report explains how.

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Russia will achieve only moderate, though consistent, economic growth over the next five years as the government avoids undertaking structural reforms that could drive stronger growth. Instead, public spending will rise minimally to boost the economy now that macroeconomic stability has been achieved.

Public and private demand will improve moderately in the coming years, though higher taxes will restrain a stronger pick-up while geopolitical tensions threaten a heightened risk of sanctions. Multinational companies need to develop a consistent, realistic internal view of the Russian market’s risks and opportunities to plan effectively for the next five years.

What you will learn

  • What does the trajectory of Russia’s business environment look like
  • Which scenarios should executives be monitoring for their Russia business
  • What are the key events that could disrupt Russia’s future outlook

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 48-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary4
  • Understanding Russia’s Trajectory5
  •   Russia Remains a Top EMEA Opportunity6
  •   Russia Should Remain in Global Portfolios7
  •   Political Environment Will Tighten Further8
  •   Foreign Relations Support Stability9-10
  •   Economic Stability Will be Maintained11
  •   Only Policy Changes Can Improve Growth12
  •   Economic Plan Focuses on Fiscal Spending13
  •   Economic Plan in Action14-15
  •   Key Actions to Take for the Long Term16
  • Demand Outlook17
  •   GDP will Grow Modestly Through 202318
  •   The Ruble Will Experience More Volatility19
  •   Consumer Demand Will Recover Slowl20-22
  •   Business Demand Will Plateau 23-24
  •   Public Demand Outlook Will Improve Mildly25
  • Operating Environment Outlook26
  •   The Operating Environment Will Likely Worsen27
  •   Rising Taxes Pose a Challenge28
  •   Policy Will not Encourage Investment29
  •   Geopolitical Tensions Will Impact Business30-31
  •   Banking Sector Improvements Ahead32
  •   Route to Market Will Continue to Evolve33-34
  • Russia 2023: Scenarios Overview35
  •   Russia 2018–2023 Scenarios36
  •   Russia 2018–2023: Scenarios Overview 37
  •   Base Case: Mild Growth, Mild Volatility38
  •   Upside: Cautious Recovery39
  •   Downside: Low Oil Prices, More Sanctions40
  • Key Events That Could Disrupt Russia’s Outlook41
  •   Key Events Could Disrupt Russia’s Outlook42
  •   Disruptor 1: China Loses Control43
  •   Disruptor 2: Oil Price Rebound 44
  •   Disruptor 3: Sustained Oil Price Drop45
  •   Disruptor 4: Palace Coup46
  •   Disruptor 5: Major Sanctions Implemented47
  • About DuckerFrontier48

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