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South Africa 2024: Outlook and Scenarios

Grace Fuselier, August 6, 2019

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A comprehensive overview of how to enhance your planning to win in South Africa, a crucial EMEA market. You will learn the drivers of South Africa’s five year outlook as well as scenarios and disruptors to inform your investment decisions in the market.

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The next five years – which coincide with the governing African National Congress party’s next political term in office – will see South Africa gradually emerge from a decade of economic stagnation and institutional decline. MNCs can expect some improvements in customer demand and the operating environment as a result of the interplay between three main factors: ongoing structural challenges, the global economic context, and incremental economic reforms. Improvements in economic conditions will be gradual and uneven, however, resulting in diverging performance across industries and customer segments. In some cases this will create new opportunities, but in others it will heighten risks and costs. To win, multinationals need to plan effectively by basing their strategies on realistic assumptions, tracking the macroeconomic leading indicators impacting their industry and customers, and using scenarios to mitigate downside risks.

What you will learn

  • Specific drivers of South Africa’s five-year outlook
  • Industry-specific outlooks for the South African market
  • Actions for multinationals to take to win in the region

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 56-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  •   A Core Market in Emerging EMEA…4
  •   …That Offers Opportunities Across Industries5
  •   The Next Five-Year Political Term Offers a “New Era”6
  •   But Winning Will Not Be Easy7
  • Drivers of South Africa’s Five-Year Outlook8
  •   Drivers of South Africa’s Five-Year Outlook9
  •   Structural Challenges: High Unemployment10
  •   Structural Challenges: Limited Skills Base11
  •   Structural Challenges: Natural Resource Pressures12
  •   Structural Challenges: Inadequate Infrastructure13
  •   Structural Challenges: Statist Economic Model14
  •   Structural Challenges: Racial Inequality15
  •   Structural Challenges: Uneven Development16-17
  •   Global Economy: Growth and Export Demand18
  •   Global Economy: FX Pressures and Capital Flows19
  •   Global Economy: Commodity Prices20
  •   Global Economy: Trade Policy21
  •   Global Economy: Foreign Direct Investment22
  •   Government Reform: Private Sector Development23
  •   Government Reform: Fiscal Policy24
  •   Government Policy: Wealth Redistribution25
  •   Government Policy: Anti-Corruption Drive26
  •   Government Policy: Health Policy27
  • Five-Year Outlook28
  •   Slow Growth Will Likely Persist29
  •   2019 Election Sets the Political Scene30
  •   Consumer Demand Will Expand Slowly and Unevenly31
  •   B2B Demand Will See Fractional Improvements32
  •   Public Sector Demand Will Take Time to Recover33
  •   FX Volatility and Price Pressures Will Persist34
  • Industry Outlooks35-36
  •   Industry Outlook: Automotive37
  •   Industry Outlook: Non-Automotive Manufacturing38
  •   Industry Outlook: Mining39
  •   Industry Outlook: Construction40
  •   Industry Outlook: Technology41
  •   Industry Outlook: Agriculture42
  •   Industry Outlook: Consumer Retail43
  •   Industry Outlook: Healthcare44
  • Scenarios and Disruptors45
  •   South Africa 2019-2024: Scenarios Overview46
  •   Base Case: Growth Slowly Improves47
  •   Downside: Growth Slows Further48
  •   Upside: Economy Accelerates49
  •   Disruptors Summary50
  •   Disruptor 1: US-China Economic Cold War51
  •   Disruptor 2: Global Liquidity Crisis52
  •   Disruptor 3: Middle East Oil Supply Outages53
  •   Disruptor 4: Rapid African Trade Integration54
  •   Disruptor 5: Ramaphosa is Removed55
  • About DuckerFrontier56

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