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Sub-Saharan Africa 2020 Outlook

Grace Fuselier, November 11, 2019

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A regional outlook for Sub-Saharan Africa through 2020. Learn about the top trends impacting multinational companies in SSA, what potential risks lie ahead, and how companies across industries can take action.

Overview, Table of Contents & Sample Pages below

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Opportunities abound for MNCs to accelerate business in Sub-Saharan Africa by expanding in high-growth markets and capitalizing on new opportunities across a diverse array of industry verticals. Positive drivers include rising consumer and government spending, healthy investment, and – in several key markets – supportive reforms. Yet the outlook for the next 12-18 months also includes several downside factors that, without careful forward planning, could undermine sales performance and margins. With pressure growing for SSA to augment business in weaker-performing Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions and corporate expecting swifter returns on investment than in past years, regional executives will need to develop highly focused strategies to win in 2020. Key components include efficient market expansion processes, resilient route-to-market structures, and an offering that can tap into shifting customer value perceptions and stand up to rising competition.

What you will learn

  • What are the key trends businesses need to prepare for
  • How to defend against major shifts in the global economic environment
  • Understand how companies across the region can take action now

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 46-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
  • Special discounts on future report purchases

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary3
  •   Our View on SSA4
  •   SSA in the Global Context5-6
  •   Take Steps to Drive Growth in Your SSA Business7
  • Drivers of SSA Regional Outlook8
  •   Export Demand Will Provide Minimal Uplift9
  •   FX Volatility Persists10
  •   Upward Pressure on Interest Rates Will Ease11
  •   Mineral Commodity Revenues Moderate12
  •   Agriculture Commodities Stabilize13
  •   Investment Continues to Grow14
  •   China Will Play a Significant Role in SSA in 202015
  •   Reforms Improve Conditions, But Unevenly16-17
  •   Politics Will Generate Volatility and Risk18-19
  •   Public Sector Spending Grows But Priorities Shift20-21
  •   Issue in Focus: Continental Free Trade Agreement22
  • Impacts on MNCs23
  •   Demand Will Grow, But Moderately: B2C24
  •   Demand Will Grow, But Moderately: B2B25
  •   Demand Will Grow, But Moderately: B2G26
  •   New Opportunities Offer Scope For Growth27
  •   Cost Pressures Across SSA Will Persist28
  •   Customers Will Demand More Value29
  •   Risks Will Rise Across SSA30
  •   Challenges to Building Scale Will Remain31
  • Priority Actions32
  •   1. Reconsider Market Prioritization Approach33
  •   2. Update Value Proposition34
  •   3. Ensure Efficient and Effective Route to Market35
  •   4. Shift to Proactive Channel Management36
  •   5. Use Scenarios and Plan for Risks37
  • Subregional and Country Outlooks38
  •   South Africa Outlook39
  •   Nigeria Outlook40
  •   Kenya Outlook41
  •   West Africa Outlook42
  •   Southern Africa Outlook43
  •   East Africa Outlook44
  •   Central Africa Outlook45
  • About DuckerFrontier46

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