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Vietnam Market Spotlight

Joel Backaler, March 30, 2017

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A market snapshot of the current business environment in Vietnam. Learn about the top 3 trends impacting multinational companies in Vietnam, what potential risks lie ahead, and how companies across industries can take action.

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While Vietnam’s pro-investment approach has worked well to boost economic growth in the past few years, the country remains bogged down by infrastructure challenges and heavy state intervention that could weaken its growth and competitiveness if left unresolved.

Recognizing these issues, the government has implemented reforms that are likely to further liberalize the business environment and improve infrastructure in the next four years. Meanwhile, Vietnam offers myriad opportunities to companies as it gradually becomes an urbanized country supported by a young and hardworking labor force.

Multinationals should therefore be on the lookout for the following three trends in Vietnam:
Trend #1: Domestic consumption is expected to rise as the middle and affluent classes grow
Trend #2: Investment reforms and infrastructure policies will be priorities
Trend #3: The government will pursue tax reforms to raise revenue

What you will learn

  • What urbanization in Vietnam means for consumer spending
  • How to capitalize on investment reform and infrastructure policy trends
  • How tax increases will impact business operations

What you will receive

  • Immediate access to the 20-page PDF report
  • Exclusive email updates covering emerging markets business topics
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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary4
  •   DuckerFrontier View on Vietnam5
  •   Macroeconomic Outlook & Scenarios6
  •   Vietnam in the Regional Context7
  •   Vietnam’s Business Climate is Improving8
  •   Business Outlook for Manufacturing9
  •   Challenges to the Business Climate10
  •   2016-2020: Reforms in Progress11
  •   Scenario Planning Overview12
  •   Trend #113
  •   Trend #214
  •   Trend #315
  • Industry Impact of Key Trends16-19
  •   Consumer: Industry Impacts16
  •   Healthcare: Industry Impacts17
  •   Industrials: Industry Impacts18
  •   Technology: Industry Impacts19
  • About DuckerFrontier20

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