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The consulting team at DuckerFrontier is here to help you power growth in your most important markets. Our expert consultants work across four practice areas—market intelligence, customer intelligence, competitive landscape, and partner management solutions—to address key questions and find the precise answers that are critical to your business planning and growth strategy.

At DuckerFrontier, we do more than point you in the right direction. Each engagement is rooted in our rigorous methodologies, data and analytics, and deep subject-matter expertise. We focus on actionable recommendations that deliver results to help you drive growth, increase revenue, mitigate risk, and improve profit margins.

You need to know:

What are the most attractive markets/segments that offer the greatest growth potential?

What are the risks to growth and what strategies will help mitigate these risks?

How large is the opportunity, and how will it develop over the near and long term?

What are the external conditions shaping the current and future operating environment?

What is the entire value chain, from raw materials to the end consumer?

Do you have the right go-to-market strategy for a given market landscape?

Our solutions and capabilities:
  • Market prioritization
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Growth forecasts and predictive analytics
  • Scenario planning
  • Custom market/industry monitoring
  • Channel assessment
  • Product development
  • Key success factors to win in the most attractive markets and segments
You need to know:

How do customers perceive their experience with your products and services?

What is the customer journey and satisfaction with your company at each decision point?

How do you define your customer segments and develop targeted customer strategies for each segment?

What are customers’ unfulfilled and latent needs? Does your new product development pipeline fulfill them?

How does the market perceive your new product ideas and concepts?

How do customers and prospective customers perceive your brands?

Does the market associate your company values with your brands?

Our solutions and capabilities:
  • Voice of customer analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer personas
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer buying process
  • New product evaluations
  • Brand equity assessment
  • Customer satisfaction measurement and tracking
  • Market messaging and communications
You need to know:

What is the competitive landscape?

How are competitors distinguished from one another and what differentiates your company from the competitive set?

What are your core competencies and competitive advantages to leverage?

Where do you fall behind the competition and how do you overcome the gaps?

How do you anticipate competitive moves and stay ahead of the competition?

Our solutions and capabilities:
  • Competitive positioning and share analysis
  • Competitive structure and value propositions
  • Competitive performance measurement and tracking
You need to know:

What are the best channels to serve the market?

Who are the right partners in each of your markets?

How do you assess the capability of your existing partners to identify high-return areas for improvement?

How do you optimize your channel partnerships?

How can you implement a world-class channel performance management program?

How do you successfully manage partner transitions?

Our solutions and capabilities:
  • Channel mapping
  • Channel partner identification and selection
  • Channel capability assessment
  • Channel performance optimization

What Powers Our Solutions?

Fact-Tested Frameworks

Our rigorous methodologies, including our scenario planning, market prioritization, opportunity assessment, and voice of customer solutions, are proven to drive results for our clients. We combine these frameworks with our extensive local market and industry knowledge, large volume of proprietary data, experience in political and policy analysis, and rich primary research expertise to help you build growth strategies and mitigate risk.

Proprietary Data Forecasts

Our market and customer intelligence are underpinned by our industry-leading datasets in each sector we serve and our award-winning FrontierData™ market forecasts. We help executives anticipate market shifts and remain ahead of the curve in tailoring their business strategies, from building a forecast model to predict industry growth trends to providing a detailed estimate of how market and competitive dynamics would impact demand for a company’s products and services.

Online Communities

Our interactive, online professional communities complement and advance our customer experience research and provide clients with a customized platform to establish more continual connections with customers. Communities are the optimal tool to connect you with your marketplace and improve your business agility and responsiveness through instant access to in-depth, real-world customer and market insights.

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