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Analysis and access in your priority markets

Is this market growing? How sustainable is that growth? What does the competitive landscape look like, and how has it shifted?

From target to transaction, you need precise answers to these and more questions. That’s where DuckerFrontier can be an extension of your team.

Although we help you solve common M&A challenges, our approach is anything but. That’s because we’ve spent decades in the markets themselves, developing deep expertise across geographies and industries. We’re constantly connected to leaders on the ground, and have access to key industry decision makers. Our ready wealth of knowledge can expedite transaction diligence and delivery and support your efforts through capital approvals.

Whether you are looking to understand a completely new market, get granular information about an existing market, or profile and map targets in an adjacent market, you can trust DuckerFrontier to be the credible partner you need.

Who We Serve

From private equity firms looking to understand a market to corporate buyers looking for inorganic growth, clients turn to DuckerFrontier for buy- and sell-side support. We work with private equity firms, investment banks, corporates, and family offices.

Questions We Help You Answer

  • Market Size, Segmentation, and Forecast

    How large is the market served? How has it performed historically? How is it segmented on a regional/product/application and end-market basis? How will forecast growth or decline impact your portion of the industry?

  • Competitive Landscape

    Who are your core and adjacent competitors? How has the competitive landscape historically evolved? What are your competitive advantages and potential challenges in the market going forward?

  • Customer Voice

    How do you better understand your customers’ level of satisfaction? Are you positioned correctly from a product portfolio or regional footprint to maximize customer potential? What can you do to meet customers’ unmet needs? What opportunities can you capitalize on at the customer level?


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