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You’re responsible for meeting aggressive growth targets and mitigating risk in an uncertain global economy. You’re constantly looking for ways to adjust your channel strategy, value proposition, and supply chain to reach more customers more effectively. It’s a lot to balance, and you need high-quality market intelligence to do it well.

That’s why DuckerFrontier focuses on the information that you need today, as well as the best practices you’ll need to face tomorrow’s challenges.

How do we do that? Through continuous market monitoring; a dedicated, award-winning research team; and thousands of client interactions annually, we’ve built a consistent, bottom-up understanding of markets and best practices to optimize performance and mitigate risks. With our proprietary FrontierView™ program, we partner with you to make sure that you can do the same.

Our FrontierView™ program is highly tailored around your priorities and workflow, and features:

In-House Subject Matter Experts

Our team of in-house analysts brings together deep market knowledge—across industries and geographies—and is always on hand to help you separate signal from noise to understand opportunities and risks in your markets. Our experts speak a total of 18 languages and span subject areas from lightweighting to Brazilian politics. Our clients have unfettered access to these analysts for briefings, event-driven insights, and immediate analysis of key news stories.

  • 200+

    markets covered

Information Resources

We combine our extensive local market knowledge, large volume of proprietary data forecasts, and experience in political and policy analysis with rich primary research expertise to provide you with an extensive suite of resources. Keep up to date with your markets with our world-class FrontierData™, including more than 360,000 leading indicator data series; customizable dashboard tools; and market-monitoring reports. Use our library of more than 220 management best practice reports to power your strategic planning and stakeholder management.

  • 360k+

    data series maintained, with monthly, quarterly, and annual analysis of top markets

Service Approach

We understand that no two companies have the same goals and challenges, or need the same support. That’s why our service program is tailored to each client’s unique needs—your client relationship team is dedicated to making sure that you have the data, insights, and analyst advisory that you need when you need it.

  • 2000+

    one-on-one client interactions per year


Join other senior executives at our intimate roundtable forums for networking and idea-sharing tailored to the issues most important to your business. Attendance is limited to 20-30 senior executives to allow for peer-to-peer engagement, and each event has a customized agenda curated to provide solutions on top-of-mind opportunities and challenges.

  • 25

    events annually across 13 cities in 11 countries

What Powers Our Solutions?


Our cloud-based executive workflow platform provides you with insights and tools at your fingertips. Developed with the multinational executive in mind, the platform is designed to get to the market information you need across research, data, and workflow tools such as Market Prioritization. Through our Dashboard application, you can visualize all aspects of our research and insights at the click of a button, enabling you to make fact-based decisions.


To inform your decisions, targets, and business plans, you depend on accurate data. DuckerFrontier’s proprietary FrontierData™ consists of more than 360,000 data series across more than 200 countries. It includes inputs from more than 50 data sources, with 10-year forecasts and up to 50 years of historic data. Our analysts update the data monthly using our proprietary econometric forecasting methodology as well as qualitative inputs and their expertise to reflect dynamic changes in the marketplace. You’ll always have the most up-to-date and accurate forecasts, whenever you need them.


In a world where market conditions change rapidly, our LiveView application is the next evolution of market analysis. Utilizing our proprietary Dashboard technology, our analysts are constantly updating their analysis across major markets and market-shifting events. The insights are visualized across qualitative and quantitative dashboards and automatically shared with clients the moment they are updated. You’ll never be caught flat-footed without the facts you need to evaluate actions.

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