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As businesses, consumers, and governments digitize, they’re demanding cutting-edge solutions. Technology companies have to constantly innovate, rethink their value propositions, and look for new revenue streams as they compete against local, Western, and emerging-market firms.

It’s more important than ever to identify the most promising customer segments in the right geographies, proactively anticipate and respond to changes in the operating environment—from new regulations to customer needs and use cases—and carefully balance the mature and innovative parts of your product portfolio to fund growth and R&D while you maximize profitability.

Who We Work With

DuckerFrontier serves a range of executives in the technology industry, spanning software, hardware, services, manufacturing, and development.

What We Do

In this highly dynamic field, DuckerFrontier helps clients stay on top of digitization trends around the globe—and ahead of the competition. We provide technology executives with the support they need to:

  • Target the right customers in the right geographies and market segments

    We help you identify the leading drivers of demand and leverage insights about factors that are shaping your end customers’ needs, preferences, and purchasing power so that you can serve them more effectively.

  • Anticipate and respond to changes in the operating environment

    We support technology companies in building and managing an efficient, effective, and sophisticated route to market across and within countries, and monitor key risks to customer demand growth, channel partners, and operations so that you can respond proactively.

  • Balance the product portfolio

    By providing deep insights on customer purchasing journeys, needs, preferences, decision makers, and perceptions, as well as the competitor landscape, we help you find the right balance of products and the right marketing strategies to serve clients through economic highs and lows.

  • Pursue inorganic growth opportunities

    We help identify and profile acquisition targets that align with your company strategy, conduct commercial due diligence, support post-transaction growth planning, and provide sell-side market support, competitive mapping, and diligence.

Our Expertise by the Numbers


Annual growth rate of the Mexican e-commerce market in 2016


Year-on-year growth in mobile phone subscriptions in Indonesia in 2019

Of the 282 mobile money services operating worldwide,

more than half are located in Sub-Saharan Africa—1 in 10 African adults has a mobile money account


Forecasted internet penetration in Brazil in 2022

56.9 million

Forecasted number of internet users in Egypt by 2020


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